ANTHRAX. What should you do? There is no need to fear! God has created us with the ability to ward-off infectious diseases of ALL kinds--by the "anti-disease" weaponry built right in--our immune systems. Now is the time to maintain the body and its defense system at maximum levels of performance.

Modern Manna's Anti-Plague Kit consists of select formulas designed to optimize the efficiency of the body's immune system and defenses to peak performance. Contents: Anti-Plague Formula (4 oz. - $9.95), Echinacea Plus (2 oz. - $22.00), SuperManna (14 oz. - $27.95), Bowel Formula #1 (100 veg. caps. - $17.95), Bowel Formula #2 (10 oz. - $17.95), Detox Formula (2 oz. - $22.00), Colloidal Silver (2 oz. - $15.98), and Herbal Antiseptic (2 oz. - $22.00).

  • Kill intestinal parasites
  • Removes old fecal matter and cleans and de-toxify the bowel deeply
  • Destroy bacteria, fungus, and viruses
  • Absorb toxins and poisons out of the intestines
  • Cleanse and purify the blood
  • Colloidal Silver kills hundreds of germs in minutes
  • Are powerful antioxidants
  • Are anti-neoplastic - prevents the development, growth, and proliferation of malignant cells
  • Provide topical antiseptic and poultices for skin wounds

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